About Us

With at least three generations of carpenters on both sides of the family, they trace their construction roots back to projects like the Dillon Asher log cabin on display in Kentucky as a tribute to it's territorial roots. Their decentants built the dormitories and chapel at the Red Bird Mission School in Kentucky.The Kimbel and Stewart forefathers settled in and helped build around East Dubuque, Illinois, including an amusement park they operated on Kimbel Island in the Mississippi River. Stewart cousins still build houses in the area.

Eventully their families made it out West and participated in projects including roads and highways, WWII airports, golf courses, the Lake Cushman Dam, and a number of new houses in Mason County.

The company that is now SunDesign was started in 1994 by father and son team Jim and Jason Stewart. Jim's desire was to return to the industry he had learned from his grandfather from age 13, and to pass those skills on to his son.

As a full service company concentrating on the remodeling market, Jim and Jason starting building sunrooms as a special request in the late 90's. Today they offer the finest quality sunrooms, conservatories, pools and glass enclosures, and glass architectural features in the Northwest.