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When Bob contacted me about designing a sunroom to replace the major portion of their deck, he had a couple requirements for the project that were not negotiable:
◦ The design must incorporate existing architectural features of the home
◦ He had a firm budget cap for the project
◦ He preferred to do some of the prep and finish work himself.

I said... ”no problem”.

The design was no problem. We were able to incorporate both the dining and bedroom exterior doors in the sunroom, and maximized the roof slope by placing the concrete floor at patio level.

His budget was realistic, and we avoided any unnecessary expense with clean lines and simple cross ventilation using two sliding windows in one end and a sliding door in the other.

We did the plans, engineering, permit packet and permit filing.

Bob did the deck and siding tear-out and repurposed as much of the material as possible. We did the excavation, concrete work and built the sunroom.

Bob is now finishing drywall and installing in-floor heating in preparation for tile work.

Not only was Bob able to save a great deal of money on the project, we have had a good time coordinating and consulting on his part of the job. No better way to make real friends than to do a project together.


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