Olympia 1910 Farmhouse Sunroom Addition

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SunDesign was contacted by the owners of this great 1910 farmhouse in rural Olympia. They had some very specific requirements including:
◦ Ease of access from an existing room with no exterior door, but a beautiful 3 unit built in place window
◦ Full windows on a 3' pony wall
◦ Exterior must match existing architecture
◦ Must have exterior exit

We approached the design phase addressing three critical factors; budget, lifestyle and architecture.

Budget: To accomplish the overall goal and stay in budget, we suggested some architectural changes to a conventional wood beam sunroom, including a structural panel roof with faux wood beams instead of the traditional glass roof. This was a change the homeowners could easily accept and conserved funds for features more important to them.

Lifestyle: This was to be an occasional use room, so heat was supplied by a freestanding stove that would heat the room quickly when in use, and conserve heat the remainder of the time. The panoramic glass walls gave the desired light and openness, and the three foot lower walls provided plenty of space for bookshelves.

Architecture: The room was placed on a high foundation and trimmed in siding to match the old farmhouse. Grids were added to the windows to match existing. Entrance to the room was gained by carefully separating the 3 unit windows and placing a matching door in the center. Repairs were made to the aging flanker windows at the same time.

Great products, extensive knowledge of older construction methods, and a willingness to design around the client's needs allowed us to give them a beautiful, functional room within their budget.



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