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Getting started to have your own sunroom or solarium installed in the Puget Sound area of Washington State is easy! Find out more right here!

How To Get Started With Your New Sunroom

Getting started is easy!

We are pleased to do a phone consultation followed by a free, no obligation design consultation at your home.

On the phone I will ask you general questions about your home and the project you are considering. These will include things like:

◦ Layout of house on land
◦ Available area around proposed site
◦ Underground utilities in the site area
◦ How you want to use your sunroom
◦ What is your budget for the project

Since every project is custom designed to meet your specific needs it is essential that I know What you want, as well as the challenges we may face in fulfilling your dreams for a new sunroom.

Call me today or contact us by email, it costs nothing to ask.


From Design to Completion, We Cover It All


We help answer questions like:

Architecture: our design should look as integrated into your existing architecture as possible.
Lifestyle: how you intend to use the room is critical in suggesting the right products.
Budget: the cost of a room can be greatly affected by factors such as size, shape, height, wall and roof product selection, glass options, structural elements, interior finishes, HVAC options, door and window options, operable skylights, application of codes, exterior trimů


We will provide the following on every project:

CAD views of your proposed sunroom.
Product samples of viewing


We provide complete plans and site specific engineering.


We deal with the permitting jurisdiction on your behalf.


We provide you... Read More

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