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Sun design uses the latest in green construction techniques and methods to protect our environment.

Not All Green Construction is Really Green

It seems that everyone today has a 'green product'. It also seems that we are expected to buy that product just because they say it is 'green'.

Thatís fine, and Iím not green bashing, but there is far too much 'green washing' in advertising today. So how do you know if green is right for you? Letís start out with a little straight talk about green.

Green products can be sorted into several categories. Some of the most common are:

1. Sustainability: are the raw materials used in this product sustainable, such as wood from managed tree farms or reforestation projects.

2. Recyclability: can the materials used in a product be reused after the current life cycle

3. Energy efficiency: this can be applied either to the manufacture of the product, or how it serves your needs while in service4. Healthy living: do the mater... Read More

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