From Design to Completion, we cover it all

Your one stop shop for design and construction of sunrooms


We help answer questions like:

  • Architecture: our design should look as integrated into your existing architecture as possible.
  • Lifestyle: how you intend to use the room is critical in suggesting the right products.
  • Budget: the cost of a room can be greatly affected by factors such as size, shape, height, wall and roof product selection, glass options, structural elements, interior finishes, HVAC options, door and window options, operable skylights, application of codes, exterior trim…


We will provide the following on every project:

  • CAD views of your proposed sunroom.
  • Product samples of viewing


We provide complete plans and site specific engineering


We deal with the permitting jurisdiction on your behalf


We provide you with several options:

  • We do it all, start to finish
  • We do the sunroom, you do the preliminary construction and finishes
  • We provide the sunroom, plans and instructions and you do it all

We have had very successful projects with all three options.

Elite Patio Sunroom

Elite Patio Sunroom

If you want a great indoor-outdoor space you can enjoy all year, and budget is an issue, a Sun Design Patio Room is a great choice.


Tacoma curved eave greenhouse

Classic Sunroom

Classic sunrooms are available in more design options than any other product, including the graceful lines of a curved eave room.


Classic Wood Beam Sunroom

Classic Wood Beam Sunroom

The elegance of wood combined with the engineering genius of a classic aluminum room. Performance and detail unmatched in the industry.