Elements of Construction


  • Prepare construction plans
  • Research design parameters for location
    • Zoning, setbacks, wetlands, wind load, snow load, seismic, energy
    • Onsite utilities locations including septic or sewer issues
    • Water runoff plan
    • Elevations
  • Draw site plan and complete permit application and associated documents
  • Obtain structural engineering for proposed structure
  • File documents with permitting authority


  • Removal of existing decks, patio slabs, turf, plants not included in new plan
  • Cut back rafter tails if needed
  • Hauling and proper disposal of demo scrap (recycle if appropriate)

Excavation, Foundation and Floor Structure:

  • Foundation piers for new or existing deck
  • Monolithe concrete slab
  • Full concrete footing and stemwall foundation for wood framed floor

Roof Structure Prep:

  • Cut back or brace rafter tails for sunroom roof attachment
  • Build "gable cricket” for gabled sunroom roof
  • Add structural members to support sunroom roof beams

Wall Construction:

  • Build "pony” or "knee” walls if included in design
  • Provide for wall attachment of sunroom to house

Sunroom Construction:

  • Install predesigned structural framework and glass


  • Schedule electrician for rough in and trim at appropriate times


  • Schedule plumber for rough in and trim at appropriate times


  • Schedule HVAC installer at appropriate times

Interior finishes:

  • Insulation (in pony walls)
  • Drywall or paneling (pony walls and back wall)
  • Flooring